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A Rapid Redesign of the Target App


Why not make it look better and work better?

Even redder!

Target is one of the most successful large grocery store brands in the United States when it comes to the visual system. Just their signature red color alone is impressive enough. However, their mobile app seems exceptionally ordinary (although it's actually quite well done), not even as attention-grabbing as their paper shopping bags.


I believe that without significantly increasing the complexity of software engineering, the Target mobile app could be more visually daring. In my proposal, the use of their signature red color has been taken to an extreme level, as I believe this color is the essence of the brand. This red should be actively infused into the experience of all shoppers, creating a reflexive brand recognition for Target. 

The Vertical Nav Bar Argument

Vertical navigation bars are a rarity in the mobile app market, yet many UI designers find themselves privately experimenting with this unconventional layout.


During usability testing, some users raised concerns about the vertical navigation bar, arguing that it shrinks the available information area on the mobile screen and may seem less convenient to use.


However, it's worth noting that in this design, when compared to the actual Target mobile application, the effective information area only experiences a minimal 9% reduction (in yellow frames). Furthermore, the vertical navigation bar is undeniably advantageous for one-handed operation. The key consideration is to offer users the choice between left-handed or right-handed operations.


Nevertheless, when it comes to pushing the boundaries, I will be determined to persuade Target to embrace the idea of incorporating a vertical navigation bar into the mobile app.


Final Prototype

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