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A Rapid Redesign of Amanjena Main Page


Super Simplicity

Make Designs Simple is as Difficult as Making Them Complicated

Aman, renowned as one of the world's foremost luxury hospitality chains, held a special place in my role as a travel product manager. Its distinct aesthetic philosophy is the hallmark of its charm. The visual aspect effortlessly exudes opulence through its remarkable simplicity.


Yet, Aman's website presents a paradox. While it faithfully adheres to its minimalistic brand ethos, it veers towards being overly understated, lacking a unique identity. It primarily consists of rigid rectangles and text, devoid of any discernible curves or creative elements.

MacBook Pro Amanjena

Same Constraints, Yet More Impressive

I deeply admire the purity of Aman's concept. However, I yearn to infuse the website with a touch of uniqueness and excitement. My vision involves incorporating circular elements and introducing subtle animations.


My canvas for this endeavor is Amanjena, Morocco, the most remote among the Aman resorts I've had the privilege to experience.




Final Prototype

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